Enjoy the pics on the Royal game farm. Health and gameness are a must to survive on this farm 365 days a year. Just notice there faces, not a pale one around! Special thanks and a shout out To David E. Brad F. And hey D-bo, is it striper season yet!


Royal greenleg. These birds come 95% peacombed, 100% greenlegged! These carry the same blood I obtained 20 years ago from Ron Chappell!



Fleming Roundhead cross



Royal Grey



Hatch/Grey, a gift from pirate and little John



Fleming Dom cock hes going to hawaii next week! ALOHA!



Fleming Roundhead nick named mystacal by D-BO



Fleming Kelso, this cock has 8 derby wins under his belt and his sons continue to dominate there rivals!



Gift from Rick Bonn at california game farms muff/toppy




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